Wood for every requirement


We at ZIEGLER produce wood for industrial purposes, among other things. Whether solid structural timber, multilayered boards or laminated wood - we can offer you the right product exactly according to your ideas.


DIY range

Wood for the garden

ZIEGLER offers a wide range of different garden woods for DIY and home improvement stores. Here you can find, for example, planks for decking or wood for garden posts.


The perfect cut

Timber trade

For the timber trade there is a very large selection of different woods - each adapted to specific requirements. Thanks to the most modern machines we can fulfil your every wish. No matter whether it’s roof battens, planks or, for example, construction timber, ZIEGLER offers you variety made to measure.


For craftsmen

DIY stores

With high-quality wood from ZIEGLER, you can optimally supplement your product range in the DIY store, because our assortment also includes wood for craftsmen who like to do their own handicrafts. In addition to profiled boards, we also offer planed and sawn timber.


Packaging solutions made of wood

Wood for packaging

At ZIEGLER we also produce various types of wood for packaging materials. Depending on the requirements and later use of the pallets or boxes, the wood is first treated in our factory against pests.